In this fast-changing world, businesses need to constantly monitor their environment and react to any changes that may impact on their operations. History is littered with examples of companies that failed to change as their world changed.

One of the biggest impacts of this changing world is on the people who work in the company. Sure, we know that we should examine our processes and change the way we do things if we need to. But who recognises that processes are outdated? Yes, it’s somebody in the company, and besides that, it’s the people who work the processes. It is also people who analyse the environment and recognise a threat or an opportunity in change. It is people who plan to take advantage of the opportunity or who plan to mitigate the threat, and it is people who implement the plan and make sure that it is working.

So, are your people reacting positively to, and changing in line with what’s happening in your business environment?

Are you providing your people with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope in an increasingly complex world where opportunities for the quality human interactions that define your company are decreasing in the face of increasing digitalization?

It makes you think, doesn’t it?